View from Serre-Ratier, iPhone drawing using ‘Brushes’

On a recent trip to the French Alps I packed a sketchpad and some pastels. In the event, I didn’t use them. It was simply to cold (about -15 C at the top of the mountain). I fell back on what is becoming my default sketching medium: my iPhone, and in particular an App made famous by David Hockney called Brushes. It’s really a very simple piece of software, but like with a lot of drawing media, it’s limitations are its strength. When you’re freezing at the top of a mountain you don’t really want loads of choice: it’s nice to have something that forces you to make quick decisions.

Here are a couple more, mostly done very quickly:

Serre-Ratier 2, iphone drawing

View from Serre-Ratier 2, iPhone drawing

And some portraits:

Ilfat, iphone drawing

My Dad, iPhone drawing

On the tube, iPhone drawing