Country Lane, Suffolk, Oil on Canvas, 19 x 12 inches

I have a vague memory of reading a story in which the narrator stays in a guest house or at a friend’s country home and sees a picture on the wall. The picture fascinates him because it has a path in it, and he imagines walking down that path – and so the story kicks off… What happens afterwards, I don’t remember – and I don’t remember anything else about the story – neither the author, nor the title. So that’s not very helpful…

However, I’ve always thought a path was a useful thing to have in a landscape. Monet, Pisarro, Sisley, they’re all very keen on them. It draws the viewer in imaginatively. It’s also nice to have a mysterious figure in the middle distance.

Orford quay, Oil on canvas, 20 x 12 inches, SOLD

Orford Quay (Suffolk), Oil on Canvas, 14 x 23 inches