Tree Near Ramsholt, Oil on Canvas, 32 x 22 inches

Another painting from Suffolk. It made me wonder why I zero in on particular trees. When I see a tree like this I find it almost irresistible. An uncle of mine, a psychologist, told me he was once approached by a young man who asked him how to get out of military service (this was in Poland back in the eighties). Simple, he said, when you come before the evaluation board, tell them that you got there on foot, that you had a very nice walk in the park, that there was a particular tree in the park that caught your attention, and that you couldn’t help feeling that it was trying to tell you something… The advice worked: he was turned down by the evaluation board.

This painting is a bit more colourful than some of my other landscapes. I think I was influenced at the time by David Hockney’s pictures of Yorkshire.